Business events Gdańsk and Gdynia

Bonding events with RIB RIDE are great tools for building friendly atmosphere and good relations in a company.

A well-integrated team works more effectively and the employees who identify with the company are better motivated to seek common success. Comprehensive organisation of sports and bonding events, as well as manager training, both at sea and overland. As the only ones in Europe, we have developed original programmes of trainings with the use of rescue equipment used nowadays in Search and Rescue operations.
We are experienced in organising both small events for e.g. 10-12 people and large ones, for over 200 participants.
RIB RIDE is a reliable partner, who is able to organise thrilling bonding events in the form of military missions or fiction games.

Stag Nights and other Occasional Events

Water impressions and emotions with our boats are an excellent element of each stag night or hen night. On request, we provide film material or pictures to document this unforgettable event.

We offer many programmes, from short 30-minute courses to several-hour ones, combined with visits in ports and meals.

Team Building

The aim of the activities we organise is always to improve team co-operation, solve problems as creatively and effectively as possible and communicate successfully within a group. In the atmosphere of adventure and great fun, the participants receive tasks which build effective communication system within the team, eliminate unhealthy competition, stimulate creativity and give motivation to become active. Moreover, we test the personality profile and predisposition of each participant. Our psychologist will prepare a report for you in which it will be indicated how the team members deal in a group and at individual work. If you take this knowledge into account while assigning responsibilities, your employees will make their tasks with more passion and commitment.

Water Attractions

This is mainly sailing on RIB boats in a form of theme attractions (port to port, port to historical monuments such as e.g. Torpedo Plant at Babie Doły, The Tower of Wisłoujście, Westerplatte, or channels of Gdańsk Old Town). We also pick up participants from the beach, which enhances attractiveness of the event.
Sailing may be combined with sea rescue shows, with boarding onto special vessels and with pyrotechnics shows. For volunteers, there are lessons of basic diving held by a trainer of the special vessel. This programme is exercised on underwater meadows near Orłowo, at depth of 3m max., in a friendly and safe form.


We have got a special group-oriented offer for people who have never dived before and would like to try – in such cases we prepare individual plans and provide complete equipment). Further information on diving is available HERE.