You will find here information concerning the possibility to rent Leisure version boat privately.

You will find here information concerning the possibility to rent Leisure version boat privately. This RIB in a luxury version provides for a limited number of places (6-8) but has got a large deck for sunbathing and thus is perfectly suitable for comfortable time spending in a selected circle of friends.

Pleasure, relax and if you wish speed and fun – the vessel has been designed just for these purposes. The size, driving engines and navigation instruments are the same as in our safari version. Renting the boat you will obtain comfort, individual character and professional service staff. In this version the designer cared for details so as to maximally make the time pleasant.

This is offer for persons who want to spend time in other way with their friends. Plan yourself what you want to do (an hour or a whole day option) and we can give you some hints. You can sail from one beach to the other, visit ports, channels of the Old Town or … to dive in the places you choose yourself – full freedom.

However, nothing was taken away from the true seagoing character of the boat – the sea kindliness. We also offer for the persons interested to experience a man’s adventure, feel the power of the waves at the strong wind – when other classical vessels come back to the port, extreme expeditions full of adventures.

The prices depend on the season, the period of charter – they start from PLN 700 and comprise the boat plus steersman. They do not include the cost of fuel – we don’t know what style of sailing you will choose, but it is not a significant amount for diesels. Write, call us and we will discuss the terms with you.

Charter/Boat Rental Gdynia and Gdańsk

Renting our boats for occasional events, integrative events guarantees fullness of unforgettable experiences and satisfaction of the participants. Charter of these boats constitutes an interesting and original supplement for the entities organising various types of integrative events.
At a time we can rent three vessels taking on board 36 persons in total. The route, attractions are agreed upon depending on the preferences and the time available.

The chartered boats together with staff, if need be, can be transported to any other place in the interior of the land.
The participants are equipped with protective clothes (sailing garments ), depending on the circumstances, goggles, helmets and of course comfortable pneumatic jackets. Upon request we can also broaden the program with elements introducing to diving (intro to diving). We ensure adequate equipment and supervision of experienced instructors.

So as to discuss the possible commercial terms please contact us via e-mail, or call us +48 603 399 300.